20 April 2011

Lost Abbey Serpent's Stout | ZE Beer Review

I finally review this bottle, which was sent to me by Ryan back in December. At 11% it definitely holds up to four months of aging.

Zymurgical Explorations grade: A-

09 April 2011

Deschutes Mirror Mirror | ZE Beer Review

I'm pretty sure this is my first-ever Deschutes beer. It was sent to me by Youtube beer reviewer monkeycaveman.

Go check out this channel!

Zymurgical Explorations grade: B+

07 April 2011

Green Flash West Coast IPA | ZE Beer Review

The first beer sent to me by Lidney, Youtube user/beer reviewer monkeycaveman.

The last IPA I'll be doing for awhile, as I'm getting a bit bored with the style.

Zymurgical Explorations grade: A

06 April 2011

Quilmes Stout | ZE Beer Review

My friend Josh (whose family lives in Argentina) gave me a bottle of an authentic Argentinian stout to review for the channel. Who am I to say no?

Zymurgical Explorations grade: C+

05 April 2011

Pike Brewing Monk's Uncle Tripel Ale | ZE Beer Review

An American-made tripel sent to me by Jonathan AKA NYRFan4ever. Thanks for the beer, even if it isn't exactly my favorite of the style.

Zymurgical Explorations grade: B