20 April 2011

Lost Abbey Serpent's Stout | ZE Beer Review

I finally review this bottle, which was sent to me by Ryan back in December. At 11% it definitely holds up to four months of aging.

Zymurgical Explorations grade: A-

09 April 2011

Deschutes Mirror Mirror | ZE Beer Review

I'm pretty sure this is my first-ever Deschutes beer. It was sent to me by Youtube beer reviewer monkeycaveman.

Go check out this channel!

Zymurgical Explorations grade: B+

07 April 2011

Green Flash West Coast IPA | ZE Beer Review

The first beer sent to me by Lidney, Youtube user/beer reviewer monkeycaveman.

The last IPA I'll be doing for awhile, as I'm getting a bit bored with the style.

Zymurgical Explorations grade: A

06 April 2011

Quilmes Stout | ZE Beer Review

My friend Josh (whose family lives in Argentina) gave me a bottle of an authentic Argentinian stout to review for the channel. Who am I to say no?

Zymurgical Explorations grade: C+

05 April 2011

Pike Brewing Monk's Uncle Tripel Ale | ZE Beer Review

An American-made tripel sent to me by Jonathan AKA NYRFan4ever. Thanks for the beer, even if it isn't exactly my favorite of the style.

Zymurgical Explorations grade: B

31 March 2011

Short's Huma-Lupa-Licious and Hangin' Frank -- A "Parallel Tasting" | ZE Beer Review

I decided to try something different and do a quick compare-and-contrast on two beers of the same style produced by the same brewery. I haven't done a review of the Short's Huma-Lupa-Licious, but you can view my original review of Hangin' Frank here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utbBO2hKPSQ

(I'll also note I didn't re-watch that video before shooting this one.)

Let me know how you like this experiment!

30 March 2011

KBS Release Day Video at Founders

Founders KBS release day this year coincided with my birthday, so I had the perfect excuse to get in line at 7:15 to get my case of KBS. Shana came with me, so I ended up getting two cases.

Yes, I lead a charmed life.

Included in this video is some footage of the line, tasting some of the special releases on tap that day, including vintage KBS and nitro-tap KBS, and a trip to famed beer bar Hopcat later in the day. All in all a great way to spend a birthday.

29 March 2011

Vlog 2011-03-13 Growler Fill IPA Tasting and Homebrew Challenges

Just what it says in the title. I take my first taste of the carbonated version of the Growler Fill IPA and I talk a bit about what I'm planning for the two homebrew challenges currently around on Youtube.

28 March 2011

Frankenmuth Batch 69 American-style IPA | ZE Beer Review

Another beer from a small Michigan brewery. Since shooting this video I learned that Frankenmuth makes both an American-style and an English-style IPA. This is the American one.

Zymurgical Explorations grade: B-