29 March 2011

Vlog 2011-03-13 Growler Fill IPA Tasting and Homebrew Challenges

Just what it says in the title. I take my first taste of the carbonated version of the Growler Fill IPA and I talk a bit about what I'm planning for the two homebrew challenges currently around on Youtube.

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skyler said...

hey man. i have been watching your beer review videos, they are fun to watch. I am from california so i enjoy hearing you talk about many of the beers you have tried from out here. I am a home brewer as well and you asked for some suggestions, here is a recipe i made for a belgian Dubbel American IPA, which i call Enlightenment.
6 lb belgian pale malt
6 lb pilsner malt
1 lb belgian candy
8 oz wheat malt
8 oz white wheat

a 90 minute boil starting 1 oz of amarillo as wort hits kettle.
30 min .5 chinook
5 min 1.5 chinook
1 min 1oz cascade
post boil Amarillo
dry hop secondary with 1 oz cascade

last ten minutes of boil .75 oz of fresh ground coriander
1 min 1 oz orange peel
1 min .75 oz chamomile

belgian ale, white labs wlp550.

i have been slowly drinking this and it is great.