16 September 2005

Two short bits about beer

Just a short one today, but enough to whet your appetite, I hope. :->

One: I was having a splitting headache until a few minutes ago, but instead of taking Tylenol for it, I decided to have a couple of beers. The reason being that the alcohol (in moderate doses, of course) helps to stimulate the production of dopamine and other endorphins, and causes a feeling of well-being that is a hell of a lot better than anything Tylenol can do for me. And because I have the sneaking suspicion that the reason I was having such a serious headache in the first place was because I'd been neglecting my beer lately -- I've become slightly chemically dependent on it, although not nearly to the level that I could be classed as alcoholic in any way, shape, or form. My body's just used to having a pint or two of beer every day or so.

Two: Last night Beth and I went out to Ruby Tuesday for a nice dinner of good burgers and onion-thingies for her. I ordered a Sam Adams to go with the meal and, like the dumbass I am, forgot to order it in a non-chilled glass. They brought me a frosty ice-covered glass of Sam Adams that was almost completely undrinkable. Even as the beer warmed, it only became slightly moreso.

Now, I love Sam Adams as much as any beer that you can find just about anywhere in the United States, but drinking it ice-cold just accentuates the bitterness and robs the beer of its more sophisticated flavors. I like my Sam Adams at very close to room-temperature, of course poured into a glass. I'm pretty sure that the process of tapping the beer into an ice-chilled glass killed much of the flavor that went into it, and created a much-different beer than the Boston Beer Company intended.

Anyone who's only tried Sam Adams cold should let it warm for a bit, and pour into a glass. Only then does the beer reach its true potential.

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Beth said...

Onion thingies rock.