23 October 2005

Farkers are retarded

So BeerAdvocate.com was farked today. And anonymous farkers seemed to have absolutely no understanding of what they were talking about, as usual.

Granted, Fark.com is amusing for awhile, and sure it's a nice way to while away the hours looking at bizarre stuff on the Internet (and Boobies links), but the users on the forums pages are almost always completely idiotic. Which is why (unless I'm looking for those fables Boobies links) I'm not the sort to go wandering over to Fark.com very often.

For whiling away the hours on the Internet looking at interesting stuff, I vastly prefer The Wikipedia or The Snopes Urban Legend Page.

PS Apologies if your browser is giving you issues with the last post. I was trying something new, and I'm not quite sure how well it worked.

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