29 April 2006

World Wide Stout

Well, I had that bottle of World Wide Stout I was talking about yesterday. Utterly fantastic beer.

Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

A: 4.5
S: 4.5
T: 5.0
M: 5.0
D: 4.5

Received in trade from fdrich29. (Thanks, Frank!)

Bottled in 2003. Beer tasted and consumed on my one-year beer-reviewing anniversary, 4/28/06.

A: Pours black, black, black into a pint glass. No real head, just khaki-colored "soap scum" on the top of the glass. Leaves some lacing.

S: Aroma thick, malty, strong notes of grapes -- almost like a deep dark red wine. Slight astringency, slight coffee, and notes of licorice, walnuts, and caramel.

T: Strong coffee and raisin flavor, sweet and strongly astringent due to alcohol. Aftertaste astringent, again like a fine red wine -- no hop bitterness at all. Warming sensation in chest, and as the beer warms the flavor profile increases in maltiness.

M: Mouthfeel thick, syrupy, even chewy. Bready, even.

T: So incredibly drinkable. I'll be buying these whenever I see them.
Beth tried it with me last night and nearly stole the damn thing from me, and she's definetly not a beer drinker. Next time I'm in Nashville I'll be on the lookout for more of that stuff for sure.

UncleFlip, from the BA and FTH forums, is on a trip to Three Floyd's to pick up as much Dark Lord as he can -- he's promised me a bottle or two. He's also picked me up a sixer of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot from Atlanta, and hopefully we can work it out so I can get all of this from him this week sometime.

Beth is really hungover this morning, having had only a little over a bottle of wine. Usually that's not enough to make her get sick, but apparently her tolerance isn't what it once was.

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