04 August 2010

Last Two Beer Reviews from Praha

Primator English Pale Ale (bottle)
Kocour Varnsdorf/Lausitzer Kirsch Porter

My internet access was down for the last two days I was in Prague, but I shot these two reviews before I left and uploaded them this morning.

First up was the Primator English Pale Ale. Tasted like a quite traditional English ale to me, finely crafted and with a nice fruity estery character, well-worth the search that I had to go on to find it.

My numerical rating: 6.5/10

Here's the review of the Pivovar Varnsdorf/Lausitzer Kirsch Porter. This was very disappointing, being a bit overly sweet and not having any strong porter characteristics, but that's why we actually try all these instead of just accepting them as given, right?

My numerical rating: 4.5/10

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