10 June 2006

At least it's air conditioned in here

Today we went to visit some of Beth's family for a birthday party for two children (both birthdays are in June, so they celebrate together) and given the 90-95 degree heat, I've got to say I was looking forward to moving on. Not that I don't like spending time with my nephews or anything, but it's really frickin' hot, and a two-and-three-year old aren't necessarily my definition of enlightening coversationalists.

(But am I going to be an evil Uncle Daniel to them? You bet I am -- who else will give them their first American IPA?)

So we get done at the birthday party and go see some more of Beth's family, and then we came home and I (after taking a quick bathroom break) picked up my chemistry book and came back to the Research Institute computer lab for more chemistry homework. I've been here for about two hours now, and have maybe an hour left to go -- I'm going to finish up with this post and then head back home.

Tomorrow is my lab report day -- work on my first lab report for BYS120 -- and study day for the bio test I have on Tuesday and the chem test on Wednesday. Lots of work, but it sure beats working at OfficeMax.

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