25 May 2008

The Thin Envelope

I forgot to check my snail mail yesterday when I got home from work, but noticed it when I was walking out the door (late, alas!) for work this morning. I opened the mailbox and saw a batch of my own handwriting in the address slot, along with a stamped message from one of the science fiction magazine publishers on the return slot.

It was thin. You guessed it, it was a rejection letter.

But hey, it's my very first rejection letter! I should frame it or something.

It's tempting to look over the language used in the letter and try to parse everything, or to let myself get depressed and convince myself that I'll never be able to place anything... but, it's just a letter. It was my very first short story submission, and it wasn't right for that magazine at that time. It just means that I've learned a bit about writing and should try for the next one.

I'm also going to submit the first story to one of the other SF magazines. There are about a half-dozen markets that I think it might be suitable for, and if and when it gets rejected by all of them, I suppose I'll just post it here.

Back to the word processor for me after work. To sooth my pain, I watched this video in which Patton Oswalt talks about the creative process.

My next short story: "Embezzle Couch: The Couch That Looks Vaguely Cross at People and Embezzles From Their Employer"

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shana said...

I'm just proud that you were brave enough to submit, that's better than I've done!

I love you so much!