06 October 2008

Ebert on Palin

Ebert hits the mark remarkably well, as usual:

When she was on familiar ground, she perked up, winked at the audience two or three times, and settled with relief into the folksiness that reminds me strangely of the characters in "Fargo."

Palin is best in that persona. You want to smile with her and wink back. But who did she resemble more? Marge Gunderson, whose peppy pleasantries masked a remorseless policewoman's logic? Or Jerry Lundegaard, who knew he didn't have the car on his lot, but smiled when he said, "M'am, I been cooperatin' with ya here." Palin was persuasive. But I felt a brightness that was not always convincing.

I can just see Sarah Palin storming out of an interview saying, "I'll do your damned lot count!"

1 comment:

shana said...

ok, I now have a sincere desire to see William H. Macy talking to Palin in character... like a whole conversation :)