11 October 2009

Beer Review, Dogfish Head Sah'tea

Dogfish Head Sah'tea (bottle)

(What do you know? A whole style I didn't know even existed.)

Appearance: Very hazy translucent yellow-orange body, thin white head that dissipates quickly in my snifter. 4.0/5

Smell: Strongly citrus (think oranges), hints of grapefruit and berries. Very strong black tea underneath. 4.5/5

Taste: When cold, this has a orangey citrus flavor, but as it warms the citrus fades completely into the background, leaving a strong black tea flavor with a nice yeasty tart finish. 4.5/5

Mouthfeel: Moderate thickness, slight carbonation, very slight hoppiness. Tartness leaves its effect on the palate. 4.5/5

Drinkability: Very drinkable, high in alcohol but very much worth a try. Not worth $27+ a bottle, but decent. I may buy again someday. 4.0/5

Overall: 4.35/5

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