09 December 2009

Rogue XS in 7oz bottles?

Beer News is reporting that Rogue Ales is going to start packaging their XS series in smaller, 7oz bottles instead of the 750mL ceramic bottles they've been using for the last few years. This may be in response to the perceived cost of the existing XS line, which in many places can be over $20 for a single 750mL bottle.

The linked article claims that Rogue is intending to keep the cost per ounce of the affected beers about the same, which means we'll probably be paying between five and seven dollars for a seven ounce bottle as opposed to 18-20 for a larger one. Either way, these are still going to be expensive beers, but perhaps Rogue is betting that people would rather pay for a small quantity for tasting purposes, especially since most of these beers are high-gravity.

Personally, I'm not nearly as offended by the cost of the XS ceramic bottles (although the prices are pretty high) as I am by the cost of an ordinary sixer of Rogue's standard beers these days. I used to be able to get six Dead Guys for nine or ten dollars -- now that same beer runs me fourteen or fifteen. Granted that Rogue makes amazing beers, but not so amazing that they're worth those kinds of prices.

Rogue's ordinary bombers, though, I've always felt were reasonably priced. Had a 22 of Chocolate Stout last night for less than seven dollars, and I may pick up a bottle of Shakespeare to keep me company for the blizzard tonight.

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