08 February 2010

Anderson Valley Deep Enders Dark Porter

Anderson Valley Deep Enders Dark Porter (bottle)
Booneville, CA
5.5% ABV

Science Fiction geeks will get how much I love having a beer with the word Ender in the name. Although I'm sure that was completely unintended by the brewery.

Anyway, pours a dark mahogany-black color with a two-finger brownish head. Very opaque, no light shines through. Smells of rich chocolate malt with a nice roasty character. Lots of malt, with a hint of hops for balance. Slightly dry.

Flavor is very drying, lots of roasted maltiness with a slightly astringent aftertaste. Otherwise some strong coffee notes, hints of chocolate, overall somewhat bittersweet.

Overall drinkability is decent. I find it a bit dry for my tastes in a porter, but not overwhelmingly so. Fans of the style should give it a shot.

My overall BA rating: 4.05/5

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