21 February 2010

Little Sumpin' Extra! Ale

Little Sumpin' Extra Ale (bottle)
Petaluma, CA
8.742% ABV

Gotta love that pinup girl illustration on the front of the bottle. These limited release Lagunitas releases always have the most awesome bottles.

Pours light orange, slightly yellow, with a thick white head that dissipates pretty quickly. Somewhat hazy. Smells like a pretty standard DIPA, strong crisp bright hops with a sweet citrusy malt balance. Very West Coast.

Tastes very similar, strong bitter hoppiness with a bit of a citrus malt underneath. A bit mono-flavored, but good.

Overall a decent DIPA, a nice offering from Lagunitas, but probably not as good as their regular offerings.

My overall BA review: 3.65/5

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