17 February 2008

Presidential Apparel

What. The Fuck. Is this?

Okay, forget the utterly silly attempt to connect to youth voters with... jazz? A political rendition of an old hit by Michael Jackson, of all people? Choreography that looks like something out of an anti-drug youth group from the mid nineties? I mean, Jesus.

No, I want you to look at this:

I mean, is Hillary starting up her own line of T-shirts at Hollister or something? But wait, she's not the only one:

At least it's got an endorsement for Obama there, instead of looking like something I'd pick up for my girlfriend off a bargain rack at Target or something.

But maybe it's just the Democrats. Let's check John McCain. No fancy schmancy stylish T-shirts for the ultra-manly warrior there, but he does have this sweet stocking cap:

His site isn't laid out as well, so that's the biggest image I can find of it. I'd love to see Jay and Silent Bob wearing those McCain stocking hats, though....

But the winner here has got the be the Huck:

For such a "pro-family" candidate, that's a pretty gay-ass T-shirt, Huck.

Maybe he should go snuggle in the warm masculine embrace of Chuck Norris for comfort in his impending loss to McCain. I figured there was a hint of sexual tension in this ad, but I thought I was just imagining it. C'mon, Mike, is there something you want to say to us? Just let it all out, honey, it's okay....

1 comment:

Shana said...

Perez Hilton wants everyone to win... he has shirts for both "Obama/Clinton" and "Clinton/Obama"... I mean, everyone as long as they're a Democrat.