03 February 2008

Son of the RSS Link Dump

Again, just going through the links finding stuff that I really don't have the time or inclination to talk about, but wanted to link to. Some of it is a week or two old, so sorry if you've seen it before.

First, a couple of videos:

Orac linked to this little ditty.

Thoroughly amusing.

PZ found this one.

Why do arguments for atheism, as good as they are on their own, sound so much more appealing coming from a hot, charming, funny young woman? This reminds me a lot of Julia Sweeney's God Said Ha! and Letting Go of God -- it has that same mix of earnest rationalism in the face of dogma and knowing humor.

Mark Thoma linked to this piece entitled, "Our Feudal Economy." At least something to think about.

Nathan Rabin has completed his Year of Flops. I haven't read all the entries, as I came to the series late, but the ones I've read have tended to be either incredibly snarky and amusing, insightful, or both.

Chad Orzel links to a post about the classical liberal arts education, which brings up Jamie Hyneman! It's interesting, so go read it.

Lots of people have linked to this snarky Cracked piece about the world's most dangerous bugs. My favorites are the army ants, 'cause there's just something about being devoured by an indestructible swarm of ants as long as my finger that just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Oooh, aren't they adorable!

There are still people who think that a woman wearing red is a mark of harlotry? Who the hell even uses the word "harlotry" anymore, outside of perhaps crappy romance novels?

The microbiology of double-dipping, as given to us by Tara Smith of Aetiology.
The research hasn't yet been published, but the take-home message (especially for Superbowl parties this weekend): unless you'd feel comfortable kissing everyone at the party, don't double-dip!

Hmm... I guess Tara doesn't go to the kinds of parties I do.

Looks like at least some asshole conservatives were really scared at the prospect of the prospect of an Edwards presidency. So much so that they are basically calling him a "faggot." I think they're just jealous of his giant cock.

That's all for today. I'm sure I'll be resurrecting this feature later on, though.

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