20 February 2008

A Snake in the Grass?

PZ linked to the Minnesota Twin Cities Science Fair. This is where little small children of creationist nutjobs get to put together science projects for competition, just like they're doing real science. I don't blame the kids for this, as they're too young to know better -- it's the authority figures who think that creationism is in any way science who are to blame here.

So I was scanning through the photos and saw this one:

And thought: this has to be a joke. There's got to be some parent or bright kid who knows what a load of horseshit this creationism stuff really is trying to play a joke on the oranizer. 'Cause you know who did the original foundational research on soil aeration by worms?

Charles Fuckin' Darwin, that's who. (Few people know Darwin's true middle name was "Fuckin'", but it's true, ask anybody who isn't a member of the evil conspiracy.)

Either some nonexistent entity has played a cosmic joke on that kid, or else someone down here's playing a joke on the organizers. The joke would be just barely more obvious if the project had been on the finches of the Galapagos....

NOTE: I originally posted this yesterday, but ran into problems with the image.

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