11 April 2008


Hey, check this out:

That's right, new glasses. I can see! Right now I'm still getting used to them, given that my left lens has a significantly higher refractive index than my old ones, and it's messing up my peripheral vision, but that's the sort of thing your brain gets used to after awhile. Hopefully this will cut down a bit on the headaches I'm used to getting when I try to focus on the screen for too long, which will help me actually get more writing done. Whoo-hoo!

On a completely unrelated note, I just bought a new 160 GB hard drive for about sixty bucks from a computer place in the mall, and plan on installing Ubuntu 7.10 and dual-booting. I've long been a Linux fan (although I'm running XP now) but I've never tried Ubuntu, so this should be pretty cool.

Working into the home stretch on my latest short story. It's at 3800 words or so and is planned to be between five and six thousand, but most of the rest is dialogue-heavy, which is easier for me than the longer pages of description and setup, so we'll see how it goes. I've got a nice bottle of Three Philosophers in the fridge which I'm saving as a reward for finishing it.

That's all for now. With any luck I'll be popping that Three Philosophers later tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

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