13 April 2008

A Little Sunday Intolerance

You really shouldn't watch this.

Yes, the wonderful journalism and insightful commentary of Fox's Red Eye, in which that monolithic propaganda house pretends that wingnut conservatism can be just as witty, hip, and urbane as their more blue-stated counterparts, sinks to a new low in essentially standing back and hurling verbal abuse at the "freakshow" that is a person making life decisions alongside a loving partner. Children laugh at and belittle those things in the world that are too complex and frightening for them to properly understand, and this is reasonable, but one of the criteria of adulthood is the ability to rationally evaluate the things in life that you don't understand, and the willingness to treat other human beings with dignity and respect. The persons in the above clip have shown themselves to be emotionally-retarded children. Congratulations, Fox, for once again lowering the public discourse.

Just as an aside, this guy claims that "twenty years ago" this guy would be in a freakshow? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that the carnival freakshow complete with a circus geek biting the heads off of chickens wasn't exactly a staple of the Reagan eighties.

(Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan)

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