25 January 2009

Beer Review, Stone Cat ESB

Mercury Brewing Company Stone Cat ESB
Ipswitch, MA
Unknown ABV

Appearance: Light brown, hazy, moderately carbonated, with a thick just-slightly-off-white head. Head is foamy and filled with large bubbles. Leaves some lacing. 4.0/5

Smell: Not a lot of aromatics at all. The temperature seems right, but there's little aroma here aside from a dry maltiness. Perhaps a hint of citrus. 2.5/5

Taste: A true English Bitter. A crisp dry hoppiness up front, with a nutty and malty sweetness on the back end. Very dry finish. 4.0/5

Mouthfeel: Thinner than expected, but not by much. Higher carbonation than expected, but not by much. Goes down smooth and clean despite the dryness on the finish. 3.5/5

Drinkability: A good beer worth drinking, but not something I'll be seeking out in the future. 3.0/5

Overall: 3.55/5

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