12 January 2009

Why I'm Not Planning on Seeing Bride Wars anytime soon.

From Massawyrm over at AICN:

Imagine if Nora Ephron awoke from a dream to pencil down a half baked idea based upon having watched Rushmore just hours before and then that notepad was stolen by someone with no imagination whatsoever that wanted nothing more than to set feminism back 20 years or so. That’s Bride Wars. Lacking a single enjoyable, or hell, even palatable moment, this film meanders from lame girly revenge moment to lame girly revenge moment as two women who were at one time lifelong friends, seek to completely humiliate the other by dying their hair blue, giving them a super orange tan or tricking them into overeating so they won’t fit into their wedding dress. For 90 cringe inducing minutes.

Yeah. It’s Mean Girls for the ladies that found that film a little too cerebral.

So, yeah. If just seeing the trailer wasn't enough to make you want to avoid Bride Wars like a drunken WWII-era sailor avoids the hooker with the mouth sores, this should certainly help.

(Yes, I'm writing this while under the influence of alcohol. Why do you ask?)

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