24 May 2010

Brooklyn Local 1

Brooklyn Local 1 (bottle)
Brooklyn, NY
9.0% ABV

The distributor for SW Michigan has been trying to get these to my store for months now, but can't get ahold of them. So I bought a bottle of the Local 1 and Local 2 when I was in Tennessee last week. I'll try one now, one in a couple of weeks.

Another damned bottle that exploded with foam when I popped off the cork. Not nearly as bad as the Luciernaga, but enough that I ended up breaking one of my pretty New Holland pint glasses. Dammit. Seems to happen a fair bit with Belgian Pales, not sure what could be the proximate cause.

The horror! The horror!
Other than that, a beautiful pour. Translucent orange/yellow body with a very thick white foamy head that leaves significant lacing. I'm taking off a bit on the score for the beersplosion, but otherwise an excellent appearance. Smells very authentically Belgian, with a strong yeasty tartness and a strong biscuity maltiness underneath. Slight hints of earthy barnyardness, even though this isn't nearly as funky as a saison. Very inviting.

Taste is more bitter and drying than expected, but delicious. It's a slight effect, with the main characteristics being the expected Belgian yeast qualities. Some bitterness on the finish and a dry aftertaste. Doesn't cloy at all. The beer doesn't coat the palate as thickly as I'd expect from a Belgian Strong Pale, which is a welcome change from many Belgian-inspired beers. Moderate carbonation, with a crisp hoppy quality.

Overall? Another great beer from Brooklyn. It's frightening how good Garrett Oliver and his team are at making amazing ales and lagers. Goes down crisp and clean but with a classic Belgian character.

My overall BA rating: 4.45/5

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