18 January 2008

Fundie Friday -- a view from I-65

I'm starting a new feature here at Endosymbiosis. Since I live here in the Heart of Dixie, Bible Country, whatever, and have a great deal of experience with certain forms of fundamentalist Christianity, every Friday I plan on posting a little something relating to that. It may be a review of a Christian movie or book, it may be some political commentary about the way the religious right votes, or even a bit of philosophy or theology that I find interesting.

Or, like today, it might just be a link to a silly picture.

I see this sign every time I go see my family in Millbrook. It's been there for at least a decade, and I have no idea who owns it or maintains it. Alabamians lacking any sense of perspective when it comes to religious faith, I'm pretty certain it's not meant ironically, but is it really meant to be taken entirely seriously? This bucolic, almost Edenic scene, which is then ruined with a placard referring people to church else this cartoony devil will eat your soul? It's astonishing, and it's just one more persnickety detail about living in a state of fundies.

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