28 January 2008

Ninjas and healthcare

Amanda Marcotte has a post up about abstinence-only education, and she links to this somewhat-unrelated post, which contains this little bit of imagery.
Those two factors seem completely unrelated, but broad-spectrum antibiotics and the pill also seem unrelated. Should a teacher assign such a nonsensical lab? No.

In like manner, should a method of birth control as complex and as susceptible to arcane medication interactions as the pill is be taught? No.

Arcane? Drug interactions are arcane? Like latin or alchemy? That explains why I have to hire Sherpa guides for the arduous journey to see my pharmacist every month. He studies his cryptic craft in a remote monastery at the top of a dangerous mountain, and only those who prove themselves worthy are allowed a glimpse of his precious knowledge. And if you think I have it bad, you should talk to my dad - he’s medicated for high blood pressure and has mild diabetes; he has to fight over a dozen men trained in 4 different, obscure styles of Kung-Fu and solve an ancient riddle every time he needs his meds tweeked. If we had nationalized health care, he’d only have to fight 5 guys, but that’s just creeping socialism so forget I said anything.

Ah-ha! No wonder we can't get decent health care in this country, if Pai Mei is standing in the way!

"I dodge the blade of your socialist health care package, pathetic slug-woman-who-wants-to-be-president! Ha ha!"

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