30 January 2008

A Not-So-Hypothetical Dialogue

Vern reviews a direct-to-video Day of the Dead remake. As someone who is just now discovering the brilliant Romero zombie flicks, this truck a particular nerve with me:
But this stuff does kind of matter, because Romero's movies have longevity, they stick around, and have been introduced to multiple generations. And we don't want to have to explain this shit to innocent kids who are just trying to catch up on the classics. "Okay, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is great, but be sure not to get the 30th Anniversary edition, or the 3-D one, or the colorized one. The remake that's in color is okay, you can watch that, but only after you watch the original a bunch of times. DAWN OF THE DEAD go ahead and get any of the cuts, I like the theatrical but they're all good. The remake is fun but the original is required viewing. DAY OF THE DEAD, be sure not to get the one with the puking on the cover..." I mean, do we really have to further complicate this situation?

A note to makers of zombie movies: from now on, come up with your own damned titles and stop trying to rob Romero's grave. (Oh, wait, Romero's not dead yet? That's what They Want You to Think...)

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