09 March 2010

Founders Porter

Founders Porter (bottle)
Grand Rapids, MI
6.5% ABV

I had a draft of the Barrel-Aged Porter at Founders last week as part of my pre-birthday stuff, so I figured now was the time to try the bottle that Scott gave me a couple of months ago when we got a case at the store. (Scott gives me a lot of beer, probably because I drink an order of magnitude more of it than he does.)

Pours black/dark brown with a slight reddish tinge. Thin brown head that becomes soapscum almost immediately. Maybe I should have poured a bit more aggressively? Smells strongly of sweet roasted malts, lots of bittersweet chocolate and a significant dryness and some hoppiness. Very inviting aroma.

Tastes great. Lots of black patent malt, very dry, with a great roasty quality on the back of the tongue. A slight hoppiness tickles the tongue, and the aftertaste is filled with bittersweet chocolate. Some sweetness way down deep in the aftereffect. Mouthfeel moderately thick, with a heavy dose of carbonation and the aforementioned dryness coating the palate.

Overall a drinkable beer. Definitely worth a try for those looking for a good porter. Does it match up with Edmund Fitzgerald or Fuller's London Porter, no, but it's definitely well above average for style.

My overall BA review: 4.1/5

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