14 March 2010

Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night

Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night (bottle)
Baltimore, MD
8.0% ABV

This will be the first saison I've reviewed in BA. Not the first I've had, mind you, but all my other saison reviews are on paper and haven't been inputted yet. Another reason to get a bit more organized.

Pours yellow/orange, very hazy, thin white foamy head. Significant yeast in the bottle leaves heavy levels of sediment suspended in the bottle.

Strong sour lactic aroma, some citrus esters, hints of clean dry malt. Overall lemony nose.

Citrus lemon also dominates the flavor, clean and crisp. Sweet finish, slightly dry aftertaste.

Mouthfeel moderate, high carbonation, low hops.

Overall a decent beer, but uncomplex, and not really worth the effort to seek out.

My overall BA rating: 3.2/5

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