11 April 2010

Andrews Wedding Amber

A few weeks ago, my sister asked me to officiate her upcoming wedding. After consulting with Shana for travel arrangements (we'll have to be there a day or two earlier than expected and such) I agreed, and offered to make a batch of beer to commemorate the wedding. Since she and her fiancee don't drink a lot of good beer, I decided to make something that would be readily accessible to pretty much anyone, yet with enough quality that I'd be proud to offer it.

The Andrews Wedding Amber was born. Here's the recipe:

10lbs Pale Malt
1 lb Honey Malt
1 lb Crystal 50L

1 oz Kent Goldings (60 min)
.5 oz Chinook (30 min)
.5 oz Chinook (15 min)

White Labs Pacific Ale Yeast (WLP041)

I mashed at around 155 and ended up perhaps using a bit took little water because I only collected about two gallons from first runnings. Once I sparged I got it up to five gallons or so after the boil, and my gravity reading was 1.053, which was in the expected range. I'm getting more comfortable with all-grain brewing, and would definitely like to start doing it more often.

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