12 April 2010

Sasquatch Stout

Sasquatch Stout (bottle)
Black River Falls, WI

I've had the Yeti and loved it, how's the Sasquatch? The colorful label says this is "brewed behind the Cheddar Curtain" -- a clever motto if ever I heard one. Predisposes me to liking the beer.

Pours dark black, very opaque, with a thin brown head that soon becomes soapscum. Slight brownish notes towards the bottom of the glass, almost like coffee. Smells sweet, very toasty, lots of caramel and bittersweet chocolate. The aroma is very vigorous, inviting.

Taste is similar, lots of dry roasted character with a pleasant bittersweet chocolate finish and a dry aftertaste. Sweetness and bitterness are almost ridiculously well-balanced, making this a very enjoyable brew. I've had a lot stouts, and this stacks up as one of the better examples I've tried.

My overall BA rating: 4.15/5

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