05 April 2010

Oxfordshire Ales Triple B

Oxfordshire Ales Triple B (bottle)
Bicester, England
3.7% ABV

Once again I'm writing up a mild English beer. When will I be yearning for hop bombs again?

Pours orange/amber with a thick bubbly very slightly-off-white head that dissipates fairly quickly, but leaves quite a bit of lacing. Body is hazy and very orange. Smells mild, malty, somewhat dry. Hints of nuttiness, very toasty and quite nice.

Tastes somewhat bitter and quite dry, with a malty sweet middle and a nice clean finish. Very much a classic English bitter. What else need I say? Mouthfeel is moderately thick, with a low carbonation and mild hops.

Overall drinkability? It's probably better than Bodington's, which is saying something. I wouldn't pay five bucks a pint for it regularly, but it's a nice treat. I'd love to try this in England sometime.

My overall BA rating: 3.75/5

(Upon posting this review, I noticed I'm only the second person to review it on BA. Is it new to the world, or just to my store?)


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I always wanted to do wine tasting but never have. Let alone do beer tasting.

Lizzie said...

Thank you for reviewing our beer! It is nice to know that it is being appreciated over your side of the pond and you would be very welcome to sample at the brewery some day if you are ever in England.Have you tried our other beers Marshmellow and Pride of Oxford ?
Oxfordshire Ales Brewery, .

Daniel Harper said...

I've definitely been on an English beer kick, so I'm sure I'll have the other two very soon. Particularly the Marshmellow, as I'm a huge fan of a good ESB. Thanks for commenting on the post -- it's always nice to see that anyone at all cares about what I do here, much less someone who actually makes the fine products I enjoy.

Once I do try the other beers, be sure I'll post my write-up here.