08 November 2008

Video Games

Shana and I went to a friend's apartment last night for "getting reasonably alcohol-fueled and hanging out" time. In the midst of this action, we ended up playing video games for about two-thirds of the night, including Super Mario Bros 3 as part of a Mario All-Stars pack for the Super Nintendo.

Now, when I was a kid, SM3 was one of my all-time favorite games, but what surprised me was just how well my skills held up. I haven't played that game for more than ten minutes in the last decade or so, and yet my thumbs just "remembered" how to play, even to the point of being able to beat the infamous "sun stage" in World 2 without use of the P-wing. And yes, I know how dorky that sounded.

Anyway, this is really just an excuse to post this video which I found a couple of weeks ago.

With apologies to Louis Armstrong, of course.

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