09 January 2010

Flying Dog Dogtoberfest

Flying Dog Dogtoberfest (bottle)
Frederick, MD
5.3% ABV

An Octoberfest in January? Well, sure, if I'm going through some old beers in my fridge. It was good enough for review purposes, but I think I've pretty much said all I had to say in my BA review. Here's the text.

A: Orange-amber body, almost brown, mostly clear with only a touch of haziness, with a thick khaki-colored head that sticks around. Very nice.

S: Sweet, nutty. Hints of... citrus? Maybe even oranges? Strange for a Marzen.

T: Flavor is very bright, lots of citrus flavors, some lemon on the finish. Significant yeastiness. Only minor hints of the expected dry roasted malts.

M: Moderate thickness, with yeast coating the palate. Low carbonation, low hops.

D: This is more of a summer beer than an Oktoberfest. Doesn't really hold up to many of the expectations of the style. Is this a Marzen for those who don't like Marzens?

Flying Dog has always been a source of "meh" beers for me. Decent enough, but not really worth seeking out. This is just more of the same.

My overall BA rating: 3.45/5

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