05 January 2010

Short's Uber Goober & PB&J

Short's Uber Goober (bottle)
Elk Rapids, MI
6.5% ABV

Short's PB&J (bottle)
Elk Rapids, MI
Unknown ABV

I've been running behind on these Short's reviews, what with the holidays and all. I had the Uber Goober a few days ago and had begun to write a post on it, but I got sidetracked and never even got past the introductory paragraph. Here's the text of my BA review of the Uber Goober

A: Pour dark brown, almost black, with a thin brown head that dissipates quickly.

S: Dry and roasty, mild notes of peanuts. Hints of sweetness, just a touch of chocolate. Not a whole lot of aroma at all, to be honest.

T: Sweet roasted chocolate malt up front, with a dose of dry peanuts on the back end. Some residual sweetness on the finish with a dry and malty aftertaste. A bit astringent on the aftertaste, as well.

M: Moderate thickness, low hops, but the carbonation bites the tongue a bit.

D: This is actually pretty relaxing and drinkable. The recipe could use a bit of tweaking, but who else would even think to make a peanut-based Oatmeal Stout? If it was just a touch sweeter I'd like it more, I think.

Basically a dry, nutty oatmeal stout. It's a nice beer, but I wish it was more of a peanut butter stout than just a peanut stout. The PB&J is, as far as I can determine, a blend of the Uber Goober and their Soft Parade. How does that stack up?

Well, there's not a huge amount of difference, to be quite honest. The fruitiness is much milder and more subdued than I expected, and could almost be completely overlooked by someone not looking specifically for it. A roasty coffee/chocolate flavor up front, with a dry finish, and a touch of sweet fruit on the aftertaste. Certainly not the kind of fruitiness expected by anyone looking for a sweet and/or fruity beer, and not one I'd recommend to fans of that style. Still, it's pretty drinkable and certainly not unenjoyable.

All I have left is the Liberator, Good Humans, and my re-review of the Mystery Stout. Hopefully in the next few days....

My overall BA rating (Uber Goober): 3.65/5
My overall BA rating (PB&J): 3.85/5

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