06 January 2010

Short's Good Humans

Short's Good Humans Imperial Brown Ale (bottle)
Elk Rapids, MI

What is a beer style, anyway? The bottle on this one lists it as an "Imperial Brown Ale," which certainly isn't a style recognized by the BJCP or by most beer geeks. Nonetheless, it's pretty clear what this is meant to be: a high-alcohol brown ale with perhaps some enhanced hoppiness.

Tasting it, though, I don't really get that same impression. It's more interesting than that. It has a pretty intense earthiness in the aroma and flavor -- it reminds me more of their wet-hopped Kind Ale than anything else, which definitely isn't a bad thing. Overall flavor is a mix of this strange grassy flavor with a nice nuttiness underneath, which leads me to suspect that this beer was wet-hopped. In any case, it's a very nice beer, rich and complex, and while it may not fit into a neat box on a style guideline sheet it's definitely worth a try. Another winner from Short's.

My overall BA rating: 4.3/5

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