15 May 2006


Beth and I had lunch today at Arby's and she told me that she had read my post from yesterday. Being a software engineer, she had some ideas for the half-assed thoughts that I had put into my Computer Science section. She suggested Dijkstra and Babbage & Lovelace as co-equal to Turing and von Neumann, and I definitely agree.

That means I have to make a separate category for the mathematicians. I'll keep Euler and Riemann, and throw in Euclid and Leibniz (see, he gets billing as well as Newton) in for good measure.

Everybody happy now?

In other news, I just finished off some Papa John's pizza that we ordered Friday night when we were too tired to cook, and few things go better with Pizza than a Paulaner Hefe-Weizen. Cool bottle, too.

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