16 May 2006


You know, it's funny how those who read a lot just never seem to get "caught up". I've got books that have been literally sitting on a shelf (or on my desk) for years that I haven't read yet, or I started but never finished, simply because other books came first, or because I had other responsibilities that I had to take care of. The blogs I visit, and the websites I frequent daily are sort of the same way -- back when I was working, I'd have to spend most of my off days catching up, because I just never seemed to have enough hours to absorb all the information I wanted to be able to absorb.

But then the news of my impending unemployment came up, and I thought, "Well, finally, I'll have enough time to read all those blogs and websites every day," and for a week or so it was true. But it's funny the way that the amount of work (even if it's "for-fun" work like reading cool blogs) tends to expand to fit the amount of time you have, and now I've finished several library books but have gotten right back to where I was before with my blog-and-website reading: at least three or four days behind.

All of which is just a longwinded way of point out this link, which is an interview on Working For Change with Al Gore. Yes, that Al Gore -- he's got a sort of "concert movie" coming out soon, and he's showing signs of real leadership and integrity that I only wish he'd shown six years ago. When you have a politician talking about Cellulosic ethanol, you know that politician is worth hearing out, even if you disagree with most or all of his policies.

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