05 May 2006

Tidbits for Cinco de Mayo

Took Beth out to lunch today to our favorite Mexican place, Guadalajara on South Parkway. We got our usual meals, she had a margarita, I had a Bud Light. Yeah, I know, but somehow Mexican food and crappy beer kinda go together.

Afterwards I stopped by Great Spirits and, lo and behold, they had finally gotten some more Rogue Dead Guy in stock. Bought a sixer and a single I haven't had before.

Then I went to UAH campus and signed up for the math placement test. I'm studying this week, so I arranged to be there at 9:30 AM on May 16th. Hopefully I can place into Calculus, despite my six-year absence from any math classes.

Also stopped by the UAH library to look up some more information on amylase, which was unfortunately a bust. I did find several Isaac Asimov essay collections I haven't read, though, so the trip wasn't a total loss.

I'm going to spent the time until Beth comes home drinking a Dead Guy and reading Asimov. Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon, if you can get away with it.

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