11 May 2006

I'm a moron

So, I finally decided to just upload a damn picture and stick it up for my profile, and did so. Managed to get the whole thing formatted properly and all (just used the GIMP, not as nice as Photoshop, but at least it's free) and even got my new BA Profile pic up, but couldn't manage to make the whole Blogger thing work.

Dammit. So I spent a little time wandering around the help files, trying to figure out why my profile wouldn't show my picture, basically being an idiot, when I did what no self-respecting man should ever do.

I asked my fiancee for help.

Y'see, we often hang out and chat over ICQ during the day when I'm home and she's at work. Gives us both a nice litle pick-me-up to chat, share links, whatever during the day. So I shot over a polite request for help (phrased something like, "Oh please oh please I'll do anything you want just please help me solve my piddlin' little computer problem....") and after giving her my username and password, she said to give her a few minutes.

So I wandered back over to ScienceBlogs for a bit and scanned some more of the Queen of Ass, just minding my own business, when she suddenly says:

"Clear your cache. LOL."

So I opened up the Opera preferences, cleared my cache, and what-do-you-know? the damn thing works.

I'm officially going to have to hang up my geek cred card for good, now.

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