16 May 2006

Road Trip

Over at the FTH Forum markb mentioned that Stone Ruination IPA was available at Strong Bros. in Fayetteville. So of course I had to take the forty-five minute drive (one way) to get a few bottles, even though I was just at Strong Bros. for some Belgians a couple of weekends ago.

(Don't feel bad for me. I've got one in the fridge right now and I'm planning on making it my after-dinner beer tonight.)

In other news, I found a funny link detailing a variety of religious terms in a humorous (but still largely accurate) way while readng ScienceBlogs this morning. I'm also thinking of joining The UAH Fitness Center -- it'll only cost me $16.00 a month for the next semester, and hopefully it'll help me lose a bit of this beer gut. (I've had the stomach for longer than I've been drinking beer, but "beer gut" sounds so much more masculine than "hershey's kisses belly".)

Tomorrow I take the cats to the vet, what fun! My math placement test I got moved to Thursday, so tomorrow and Thursday morning will be cram days for me.

Tomorrow's blogging: turtles. I'll just leave it at that.

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