08 May 2006

When the weekend ends....

I ended up getting an A in that Biology class after all. One down, thirty-ish to go!

We didn't get to go to the graduation on Saturday, due to extenuating circumstances with the friend we were going to ride with. Hopefully I'll get to go down and see the friend who graduated in the next couple of weeks. I did get to call him on his cell before his graduation, and congratulated him about seventy times.

Last night we had planned to invite some of our other friends over for steaks and salad, but it turned out that one of their relatives had been in a car accident, and they weren't even in town for it. So after we cleaned up the apartment and bought a lot of good food (I even drove to Fayetteville to get some Belgian beers to share) we ended up sans company. We cooked the steaks for ourselves, anyway, and I had an Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout while grilling and a Terrapin Wake-and-Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout with the meal. Both great beers.

Beth had set up some candles so we could have a somewhat romantic meal by candlelight, and had used some Folgers coffee grounds as filler for two of the candleholders in the place of sand. It gave a nice appearance, but as the candle burned down, it actually set the coffee grounds on fire, creating a fair amount of smoke. Interestingly, it created a nice aroma and melted the grounds into hard "chunks" of material.

Curious, after cleaning up from dinner I took the two candleholders outside, laid some aluminum foil on top of the grill, spread the grounds over the foil, and attempted to light the grounds to see what would happen. At first the grounds wouldn't light, but a bit of lighter fluid gave us a nice blue flame -- lots of smoke, and a nice blue flame. While the coffee grounds smell nice when they merely singe and melt, the actual burning is not pleasant, and I wouldn't recommend it. Oh, well, one idea down the tubes.

I created an AIM account for myself (danielharper2006) in addition to my ICQ account (313312493) so I could chat with my mom when she's on AOL. We had a nice pleasant chat Saturday morning, before my day had really started but after she had already run two loads of laundry, had a shower, and helped take care of the baby. Nothing like talking with my mother to make me feel like a layabout, but I love her anyway.

I'm going to try to get a new photo of myself and post it in my profile in the next few days. I've recently shaved, after having been bearded for several years, and think it might be nice to show my face to the world for a change. I promise I won't be like this guy, though.

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