23 May 2006

Where'd I hear that name again?

And we thought Roy Moore was bad.

Larry Darby is running for State Attorney General here in Alabama. He's an atheist (good) but he's a holocaust denier (bad) and just a total whackjob in general. He's trailing in the polls, but not by much, probably more due to his atheism than his radical racist views.

But I kept wondering why that name sounded so familiar -- turns out, it wasn't that particular name, but a fairly similar name that made me sit up and notice.

Not that I wouldn't vote for Lannie Barbie (NSFW) for attorney general ahead of Larry Darby, at least porn stars use lots of lube before they fuck you.


Simon said...

How do you actually become a holocaust denier, anyway? I mean, do you have to take exams, or something.

DEH said...

Well, sure -- there's Pseudohistory 101, Distoring the Facts 300, et cetera.

Excellent anti-holocaust-denial resources are at Nizkor.